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Derrick Lewis Dominates UFC 291 with 33-Second Knockout and Wild Celebration

Derrick Lewis left the crowd at UFC 291 in awe with a thunderous 33-second knockout, and he wasn't shy about celebrating his historic victory.

In a jaw-dropping display of power, "The Black Beast" secured his place as the all-time knockout leader in UFC history with 14 knockouts, surpassing Matt Brown. The explosive fight saw Lewis unleash a devastating flying knee that sent Marcos Rogerio de Lima crashing to the canvas, never to rise again.

The assault continued on the ground as Lewis pummeled his opponent with a flurry of punches, giving de Lima no respite. The referee had no choice but to call a halt to the action, declaring Lewis the winner in the first round.

In an exuberant post-fight celebration, Lewis immediately shed his shorts, leaping on top of the cage. But that wasn't all - he threw his athletic cup and gloves into the ecstatic Utah crowd, leaving fans with personalized souvenirs to cherish.

Reflecting on the highlight-reel knockout, Lewis revealed that his coach had been training him on the flying knee for years, though he never thought it would connect until that fateful Saturday night.

"Hell no, I just said I’m going to throw some bulls*** and see if it lands," Lewis quipped about the knockout. "It’s a long time coming. I’ve been wanting to hit motherf***** for two years now. I finally hit somebody. I’m happier than a motherf*****."

The resounding victory snapped Lewis' three-fight losing streak, bringing his UFC contract to a thrilling close. However, the fighter expressed his desire to continue with the promotion, hoping for another opportunity in the Octagon.

"We’ll see [what’s next]," Lewis declared. "I’m a free agent now. Hopefully, I can get another contract with the UFC."

With his explosive performance and electrifying celebration, Derrick Lewis has left an indelible mark on UFC 291, leaving fight fans eager to see what thrilling spectacle he brings next.


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