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Diego Sanchez slams Nevada Athletic Commission for not endorsing BKFC but allowing “Power Slap”

In a recent interview with, legendary UFC fighter Diego Sanchez aimed the Nevada State Athletic Commission for its inconsistent stance on combat sports. While they refuse to sanction Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) events, they have allowed other controversial activities such as "Power Slap."

Sanchez expressed his frustration with the situation, pointing out the hypocrisy of the commission's actions. He argued that bare-knuckle fighting has a rich history and is a legitimate form of competition and that fighters should have the right to participate in these events if they choose to do so.

As said by Sanchez, claims Dana White and even the UFC are to blame for the fact that BKFC isn't permitted but Power Slap is. White and the UFC, in Sanchez's opinion, hold excessive control over the NSAC, which is problematic.

“This is the farthest BKFC has gone West (going to Albuquerque) and of course in their expansion, of course, they want Vegas,” Sanchez said to “But, UFC has the lock on that, they won’t sanction BKFC where they are combat athletes that are skilled fighters and warriors that are trained. But, they will sanction Power Slap where you got a powerlifter that is smacking the hell out of another guy giving him real brain damage.”

The veteran mixed martial artist also touched on the increasing popularity of BKFC, noting that it has attracted a large and dedicated fanbase, as well as top-tier fighters from all over the world. He called on the commission to reconsider its stance and to allow bare-knuckle fighting events to take place in Nevada.

Sanchez undoubtedly has an argument when he explicitly states that BKFC trains its athletes and that those guys must pass medical examinations to obtain fighting permits. A few other regions have also permitted BKFC despite not yet approving Power Slap in the same states.

Diego Sanchez hasn't competed since losing a decision to Kevin Lee in March of last year. Earlier to that, he lost to Jake Matthews by decision, and the UFC ultimately let him go. At KnuckleMania 3, he will face former boxing world champion Austin Trout in his BKFC premiere.

Sanchez's comments have sparked a heated debate, with many fans and fighters expressing their support for his stance. Whether the Nevada State Athletic Commission will take his words to heart remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: Diego Sanchez is not afraid to speak his mind and fight for what he believes in.


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