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Dillashaw Returns, splits Sandhagen | UFC Vegas 32

Some fights are impossible to forget and UFC 32's main event with TJ Dillashaw vs Corey Sandhagen will go down as one of those fights. Cory Sandhagen and T.J. Dillashaw fought for a whole 25 minutes, every second of those 25 minutes was action. Not one of those boring bouts full of running and cage clinching.

The pair went head to head during all five rounds and produced fireworks. In the end the judge's decision was split. One judge gave it 48-47 to Sandhagen. Another two judges scored the same in favor of Dillashaw, who consequently came out on top.

Dillashaw, the former two-time UFC bantamweight champion, defeated Cory Sandhagen via split decision (47-48, 48-47, 48-47) in a bloody, back-and-forth fight Saturday in the main event of UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas.

Sandhagen opened up a nasty cut between Dillashaw's right eye and nose, but he still gutted it out over five rounds.

With the win, TJ Dillashaw updates his record to 18-4. He also made a successful return and rebounds from the defeat suffered in his previous bout of January 2019 against then flyweight champion Henry Cejudo.

"I love Cory Sandhagen," Dillashaw said after the fight. "I believed in that guy before he even believed in himself. Great opponent, great fight. A little sloppy on my part but I pushed the pace and got the win."

Cory Sandhagen drops to 14-3. The defeat snaps his two-win streak.

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