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Dyron Swain Claims 170lb Kickboxing Title with TKO Victory Over Colin Wilson

Dyron Swain, Colin Wilson, IFC
Dyron Swain vs. Colin Wilson

In a thrilling showdown presented by Impact Promotions and broadcast exclusively on, Dyron Swain and Colin Wilson clashed in a 170-pound kickboxing contest that culminated in a dramatic TKO victory for Swain, crowning him as the new champion.

From the opening bell, both fighters showcased their aggression and skill, with Swain unleashing a head kick and a knee to Wilson's face early in Round 1. However, Wilson demonstrated resilience by countering with a successful takedown, controlling Swain along the cage wall for most of the round, and ultimately securing Round 1 on the judges' scorecards.

Round 2 saw Swain coming out strong with powerful punches and leg kicks, but Wilson responded with another takedown, maintaining control without inflicting major damage. The back-and-forth exchange intensified as the round progressed, with both fighters looking for opportunities to gain an advantage, yet neither could deliver a decisive blow.

As Round 3 commenced, Wilson continued his strategy of pinning Swain against the cage, but Swain managed to maneuver to the center of the cage. In a pivotal moment, Wilson seized the momentum, delivering a relentless barrage of punches that left Swain unable to defend effectively. The referee intervened, stopping the fight and declaring Wilson the winner via TKO at 1:34 of Round 3, securing the 170lb kickboxing title.

The victory marks a significant achievement for Swain, an undefeated talent hailing from Ironclad MMA in Birmingham, Alabama. His victory over the reigning champion Wilson, representing KageFit MMA in Opelika, Alabama, solidifies his position as a rising star in the kickboxing realm.

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Colin Wilson
Colin Wilson
7 days ago

This is not right, I won the fight and it was also mma not kickboxing.

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