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Eddie Hearn Faces the Challenge of Meeting Canelo Alvarez's Demands Amidst Potential Rival Suitors

Eddie Hearn Faces the Challenge of Meeting Canelo Alvarez's Demands Amidst Potential Rival Suitors

Eddie Hearn, the renowned boxing promoter and head of Matchroom, finds himself in a precarious position as he attempts to satisfy the lofty requests of Mexican boxing sensation Canelo Alvarez. With Alvarez's recent victory over John Ryder, his sights are now set on a rematch with light heavyweight titlist Dmitry Bivol. However, if Hearn fails to deliver on this fight or other appealing options, Alvarez has made it clear that he is open to exploring offers from rival boxing outfits. This article delves into the intricate dynamics between Alvarez, Hearn, and the potential suitors vying for the boxing superstar's attention.

Alvarez's Dominance Under Matchroom

While technically operating as a free agent, Canelo Alvarez has predominantly chosen to collaborate with Eddie Hearn's Matchroom in recent years. The partnership has been fruitful, with Alvarez headlining six main events under the Matchroom banner. The most recent, a commanding points victory over John Ryder in front of over 50,000 fans in his hometown of Guadalajara, solidified Alvarez's standing as the undisputed 168-pound champion.

The Pursuit of Dmitry Bivol Rematch

Alvarez's next goal is a highly anticipated rematch with light heavyweight titlist Dmitry Bivol. In their previous encounter, Bivol emerged victorious via unanimous decision, marking Alvarez's second unsuccessful attempt at securing a light heavyweight title. Hearn had initially scheduled Bivol-Alvarez for September 16 in Las Vegas, aiming to deliver the rematch that both fighters and fans eagerly await.

Challenges in Meeting Alvarez's Requests

However, negotiations between the camps of Alvarez and Bivol have hit a snag due to conflicting demands regarding weight classes. Bivol insists on a rematch at 168 pounds, where Alvarez holds multiple belts, while Alvarez desires a fight at 175 pounds, the weight class where Bivol currently reigns as the WBA champion. Hearn recognizes the importance of meeting Alvarez's expectations and has made it clear that if the Bivol fight cannot be arranged or fails to satisfy Alvarez's desires, other options will be explored.

Hearn's Dilemma and Potential Suitors

Eddie Hearn acknowledges the possibility of Alvarez seeking alternative options if his demands are not met. The boxing landscape includes rival promotions such as Premier Boxing Champions (PBC), led by influential figure Al Haymon. PBC promotes notable fighters at 168 pounds, including David Benavidez and David Morrell, who could present intriguing opportunities for Alvarez. Even Jermall Charlo, a middleweight champion and another client of PBC, has hinted at a potential move to the super middleweight division, adding to the competition for Alvarez's attention.

The Need to Deliver

For Eddie Hearn and Matchroom, the challenge lies in fulfilling Canelo Alvarez's wishes and securing the fights he desires. Hearn emphasizes that the instructions he receives from Alvarez and his trainer, Eddy Reynoso, are precise and that his role is to bring those requests to fruition. While talks regarding the Bivol rematch are ongoing, Hearn and his team must work diligently to ensure they can provide what Alvarez seeks.


As Canelo Alvarez continues to assert his dominance in the boxing world, the task of meeting his lofty requests falls squarely on the shoulders of Eddie Hearn and Matchroom. The potential of Alvarez exploring options with rival promotions if his demands are not met adds an extra layer of complexity to the situation. Hearn's ability to secure the desired fights, particularly the highly anticipated rematch with Dmitry Bivol, will determine the course of Alvarez's future and the path his boxing career takes. For now, negotiations continue,


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