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Eddie Hearn wants to sign Salt Papi, "I want to turn him pro!"

Eddie Hearn has been a public admirer of Salt Papi for some time now, something he hasn't been shy about expressing in multiple interviews over the past few months, but his interest has taken a sharp turn and has become serious.

Hearn is seemingly no longer interested in being a fan of Salt Papi, preferring to be his promoter instead.

After Salt Papi's win on Saturday nights Misfits x DAZN 004 card with a second round knockout over pro boxer and fellow influencer Josh Bruekner, Hearn took time out of his day to privately message the Philippine star.

That win took Salt Papi to 3-0 in the scene and his second by way of knockout, having previously taking a UD over Halal Ham and a flash knockout in the first 30 seconds of the first round over Andy Warski.

Josh Bruekner was by far his toughest test yet, being a former MMA pro and an unbeaten pro boxer coming in to fight, as well as holding a strong height and reach advantage.

Many people had Salt Papi as the underdog in this fight, but he made light work of the American, coming out of the fight looking ready to jump straight back in.

Hearn has more recently took to the DAZN platform to express his love for the star, as well as his desires to take him pro.

"Salt Papi can fight. Salt Papi is my favorite. I want to turn Salt Papi pro. I want to see what we can do with him" Eddie Hearn on DAZN's Hearn Unleashed.

"He's the man of the people, he's got a belly like me" Hearn continued, before wrapping up the Salt Papi talk with "we love him"


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