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Fans Express Outrage Over UFC 299 Ticket Prices in Miami

The anticipation for UFC 299 in Miami is reaching a fever pitch, but some fight fans are feeling the heat over the event's ticket prices. As the promotion gears up for a spectacular night in the Sunshine State, fans eagerly awaited the release of ticket prices to secure their spots at the highly anticipated event.

However, the initial ticket prices for UFC 299 have left many fans shocked. According to a statement from the promotion, the starting prices for tickets are as follows (excluding fees, dynamic pricing, platinum, resale mark-up, etc.):

  • Floor: $1750

  • Center Riser: $1500

  • Lower Level Low: $1250

  • Lower Level Middle: $1000

  • Lower Level End Lower Rows: $850

  • Upper Sideline: $750

  • Upper End Low: $550

  • Upper End Sideline High: $350

  • Upper End High: $250

These prices have sparked outrage among some fans, who feel that they are too steep for the average spectator. Many took to social media to express their disappointment, with some criticizing the promotion for pricing out loyal fans and catering only to high-paying customers.

While UFC 299 promises to be an unforgettable night for MMA enthusiasts, the steep ticket prices have left a bitter taste for some fans who had hoped to witness the action live. As the event draws closer, it remains to be seen whether the promotion will address the concerns raised by fans regarding ticket affordability.


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