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Filip Hrgovic Dominates Mark De Mori, wants Oleksandr Usyk

Filip Hrgovic showcased his dominance in a heavyweight clash as he swiftly dispatched Mark De Mori in the first round of their bout.

With a record of 17 wins, including 14 knockouts, Hrgovic entered the ring as the IBF's mandatory challenger to unified champion Oleksandr Usyk, who is set to return in February for an undisputed fight against Tyson Fury.

From the opening bell, Hrgovic asserted his presence, relentlessly pressing forward and keeping De Mori on the defensive. A powerful right hand from Hrgovic sent De Mori to the canvas early in the fight, signaling the beginning of the end for his opponent.

As De Mori struggled to recover, Hrgovic continued to deliver punishing blows, leaving his opponent with no choice but to succumb to the onslaught. With De Mori unable to mount a comeback, his corner made the decision to throw in the towel, conceding victory to Hrgovic.

With this commanding performance, Hrgovic has set his sights on a showdown with Usyk, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to challenge for the unified heavyweight title. As the boxing world awaits the outcome of Usyk's upcoming bout with Fury, Hrgovic's impressive display has further fueled anticipation for a potential clash between the two heavyweight contenders.


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