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Floyd Mayweather claims he defeated Canelo Alvarez in his prime

Floyd Mayweather Jr believes that he faced Canelo Alvarez in his peak ten years ago, in 2013, when the Mexican fighter was 22 years old. Mayweather was 36 when he fought Canelo at 152 pounds, and he claims that if he had fought him when he was at his peak, he would have stopped him.

Floyd is being dishonest when he says Canelo was in his heyday at 22 years old since he was nowhere near the boxer who fought Gennadiy Golovkin in his first two fights or in 2021 when he won the undisputed super middleweight championship by defeating Caleb Plant.

Canelo's version of Mayweather will almost certainly have battered him, forcing him to run for twelve rounds. If Canelo had been in his peak, he would have either knocked Mayweather out or humiliated him in a one-sided decision.

“Canelo Alvarez is a helluva fighter. [People talk about] a prime Mayweather vs. a prime Canelo. I fought a prime Canelo. I was the older Mayweather fighting prime Canelo. The fight wouldn’t have gone the distance if it were a prime Mayweather,” said Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Fans argued that Mayweather was terrible for boxing because he focused on preserving his unbeaten record by meticulously selecting his opponents and fought top fighters when they were past their peak.

Mayweather waited until they were well past their peak to fight Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Zab Judah, and Manny Pacquiao, and the fights were boring to watch.


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