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Floyd Mayweather wins a hard fought exhibition bout in Japan with impressive KO

Floyd Mayweather was in Japan for a boxing exhibition when he was challenged by a tough MMA fighter, Mikuru Azakura, who had no idea it was an exhibition. The three-round fight did not need to go that far, and in the end, Mayweather punished his opponent's irreverence by knocking him out at the end of the second round in a proper fight that could have gone on.

Azakura attempted to counter his opponent's speed by using his size and reach advantage against Mayweather who appeared to be a 45-year-old former champion who has already lost some of the great elusiveness he once possessed. In a fight with little time for preparation, the American struggled to shake off the Japanese's straight punches and jab.

In the second round, Azakura attempted to close the fight by punishing Mayweather, who resented the punishment and ended up smiling and backing away after being hit with at least three powerful combinations. However, the former world champion punished his opponent's brashness and sent him to the canvas near the end of the second round with a powerful right hand.

The referee did not allow the fight to continue, and Mayweather's unblemished record remains at 50-0-0, which he endorsed as undefeated, but with more work to dominate as he used to.

At the end, 'Money' thanked Manny Pacquiao's presence in the arena, as well as the Japanese public's respect and affection, for having paid a lot of money to see him in action and increase his fortune.

After the fight Mayweather said that he wants to continue to fight in exhibition bouts. “I’m happy we were able to give the people excitement tonight,” he said. “Thanks for having me . I’ll be back.”

The fact that Manny Pacquiao, a rival of Mayweather, was invited by the event's organizers and spoke in the ring both before and after the main event may not have been a coincidence.

Could they be planning a Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown?


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