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Former UFC Champion Luke Rockhold Teases Next Career Move After BKFC 41 Loss

Ex-UFC champion Luke Rockhold is on the cusp of embarking on a new chapter in his combat sports journey. Following his recent TKO loss to Mike Perry at BKFC 41, Rockhold hinted at an imminent career move, expressing his excitement about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Since parting ways with the UFC in 2022, the former Strikeforce and UFC middleweight champion has savored the advantages of free agency. Commentating at Karate Combat 40 alongside UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten, Rockhold revealed that he is far from done with fighting, though his next destination remains uncertain. However, recent developments suggest that Rockhold's path is becoming clearer.

Embracing his newfound freedom, Rockhold shared:

"It's the best... I can fight wherever I want, and whatever appeals to me the most is where I'm gonna go. The opponent, the stage, the situation, and of course, the payday. But this is looking good" (Cageside Press).

When asked about the possibility of signing with Karate Combat, the 38-year-old fighter acknowledged that discussions have taken place. While remaining pragmatic, Rockhold expressed his preference for action over mere words, stating:

"Talk is talk, but I like to walk the walk. We're talking. We're not walking yet, but maybe we can get to run soon. We're setting kick records; you know what I mean? Coming off the couch. Easy" (Cageside Press).

Rockhold's journey has been one of twists and turns. After a brief retirement following his Fight of the Night battle against Paulo Costa at UFC 278 in August 2022, Rockhold reemerged to face Perry in a bare-knuckle boxing match, which did not yield the desired outcome.

Fortunately for Rockhold, his BKFC contract allows him the flexibility to explore various combat sports such as MMA, boxing, and grappling, excluding bare-knuckle boxing. With this newfound liberty, he now has the opportunity to seek out fresh challenges and pursue avenues that align with his aspirations.

As Rockhold prepares for his next move, fans and pundits alike eagerly await the announcement that will shed light on the next chapter of his storied career. The anticipation surrounding his decision is palpable, as he explores potential opportunities and considers the factors that matter most to him.

In the world of combat sports, Luke Rockhold's next career move is poised to make waves. Stay tuned for updates on this exceptional athlete's future endeavors.


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