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Former UFC Title contender Marlon Moraes announces retirement

Marlon Moraes has announced his retirement, but this time around it seems like he's for real.

The 35-year-old bantamweight, a former World Series of Fighting champion and former UFC title contender, was defeated by Gabriel Braga in a knockout at PFL 4 on Saturday in Atlanta.

His sixth loss in a row—all by knockout or technical knockout—came as a result of that. When the battle ended and Moraes stood up, he took off his gloves and said with tears in his eyes that Thursday's fight would be his last.

“I started here with World Series of Fighting, and when I announced my retirement, I was in the UFC,” Moraes shouted. “I wasn’t home. Now, I’m home.
I wish I had better performances here, but I gave all my heart. I trained hard. I can look myself in the mirror everyday and be proud of myself. I’ve been kickboxing, MMA, since I was 9. I’m 35. 26 years, I gave all my life for this.


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