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Get You Some Grappz For Grappling- Kurt Angle Approved

Kurt Angle has come out to attest that these are the next big necessity for grapplers. From wrestling to jiujitsu, judo or sambo. These things will serve you well. Are you tired of taping your fingers? Tired or the joint pains and aches? Grappz is here to help!

A little about the Grappz company and their founder from their own website -

Grappz is a patented(Patent # US 10,918,933 B2), finger support athletic glove that is the superior alternative to finger tape created by BJJ black belt, collegiate wrestler, mixed martial artist, father and husband,

Jonathan Kowalsky -

“As an athlete and father myself, we’re constantly trying to improve safety and the training experience for all athletes of all ages. I invented this product to solve a problem. We’re a small family business that found a way to improve the protection of all athletes' fingers without compromising their mobility, performance, comfort or convenience. We sincerely appreciate all of our customers' support.”

They're FIGHT.TV approved!

You can find a set with almost any design you like! Get a pair to go with your custom gi or rash gaurd. If not for the protection of your fingers, it also gives you ninja turtle hands and looks cool! Get you a pair here at their website!


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