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Gilbert Burns thinks his next opponent is the real BMF

Burns recently claimed that Jorge Masvidal, a welterweight in the UFC, had skipped fights scheduled to take place in November, December, and January. Masvidal, who hasn't competed since March 2019, refuted such assertions in a video posted on social media and declared his intention to challenge Burns in March of 2023.

But unfortunately, the potential match-up is off the table now and fans won’t be able to see such a highly anticipated fight between the two hard hitters in the UFC welterweight division.

Gilbert Burns will now take on Neil Magny at UFC 283, which will take place in Brazil on January 21, 2023. 'Durinho' is hoping to make a strong comeback against a tough opponent in Magny after suffering a difficult defeat to emerging talent Khamzat Chimaev in his last outing at UFC 273 in April 2022.

Magny has battled icons, rising stars, and everyone in between, giving him a reputation that surpasses anyone else's in modern MMA. Magny’s readiness and competitiveness have impressed the Brazilian and believes that the BMF title should be granted to Magny for his commitment to battle anybody offered to him.

'Baddest Motherf***r' is the acronym for the title, which was created for the Nate Diaz-Jorge Masvidal match at UFC 244. But the belt has evolved to symbolize any martial artist whose supporters and rival competitors believe deserves it.

On his podcast Believe You Me, Michael Bisping recently spoke with Gilbert Burns. 'Durinho' applauded Magny's mindset and stated the following during the podcast:

"The guy fights anyone. He's another one, he is the one who should have that BMF title. Because he doesn't care. It's a thing that I want to have that I don't have, that I respect that he does. He fights, if he loses he doesn't give a s**t, a couple months later he's fighting again."

After losing the fight against the Swede Khamzat Chimaev with a close call, Burns has made changes for his next training camp as he prepares for his next fight against Magny. At UFC 283, Durinho vows to strive for nothing short of a knockout. Burns will make every effort to finish off his rival for the rest of his fights because he no longer thinks the judges will render the right decision.

"I want a finish in Brazil, I don't just want a decision. Take the guy down and hold him down or whatever. No, I want a finish. I'm working my butt off for this fight. I do respect [Magny] so much, but I see I can finish him and that's exactly what I'm working towards."


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