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Heavyweight Showdown Set for UFC 298: Tafa vs. de Lima

In the thunderous world of heavyweight clashes, the UFC is set to unleash another adrenaline-pumping showdown. The stage is Los Angeles, and the date to mark on your calendar is Feb. 17 for UFC 298. Brace yourselves as rising stars collide when Justin Tafa steps into the octagon against Marcos Rogerio de Lima in what promises to be a colossal battle.

Tafa, riding high on a sensational streak, marches into this fight on a warpath, boasting a record of 7 wins, 3 losses, and 1 no contest. His recent exploits feature a trio of thunderous first-round knockouts, leaving his opponents sprawled on the canvas. However, a short no-contest against Austen Lane due to an accidental eye poke adds a twist to his seemingly unstoppable momentum.

On the other side of the cage stands the formidable de Lima, with a record of 21 victories, 9 defeats, and 1 draw. Eager to reclaim his ground after a swift defeat at the hands of Derrick Lewis in his last appearance, de Lima aims to reignite his winning flame. His previous triumphs over seasoned fighters like Andrei Arlovski and Waldo Cortes-Acosta signify his capacity to dominate the heavyweight division.

This clash of titans serves as the co-main event of the evening, accompanying the featherweight championship spectacle. The main event features Alexander Volkanovski, the reigning champion, defending his title against the relentless Ilia Topuria, promising an electrifying night of fights.

As the countdown begins, the anticipation for UFC 298 escalates. Brace yourselves for an evening of raw power, unyielding determination, and the relentless pursuit of victory. Mark your calendars, because when these behemoths collide, the earth beneath the octagon will tremble.


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