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Ian Machado Garry's Split Decision Win Boosts Ranking in Welterweight Division

Ian Machado Garry is set to rise in the Welterweight rankings following his split decision victory over Geoff Neal on the main card of UFC 298. The bout proved to be a closely contested affair, with both fighters implementing their respective strategies effectively.

Ian Machado Garry

Throughout the fight, Garry utilized distance management to his advantage, landing significant knees in close quarters. On the other hand, Neal focused on delivering impactful leg kicks and utilizing the clinch to control the pace.

As the fight progressed, Garry's volume increased, particularly evident in the second round. Despite Neal landing several flurries of strikes, Garry maintained his composure and continued to press forward.

In the final round, Garry delivered a decisive knee strike and employed nimble footwork to evade Neal's attacks. The judges ultimately scored the fight in Garry's favor, securing him a well-deserved victory and a notable climb up the Welterweight rankings.


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