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Igor Severino's Future in Limbo Following UFC Disqualification

The fate of Brazilian flyweight Igor Severino remains uncertain as his disciplinary hearing has been postponed until May. Severino was disqualified and subsequently released from the UFC after biting opponent Andre Lima during a card in March.

Igor Severino

The Nevada Commission, which oversees combat sports events in the state, denied a recommended six-month suspension and instead opted for a full disciplinary hearing or a new adjudication agreement.

During a recent meeting, Nevada Deputy Attorney General Matthew Feeley presented an adjudication agreement in which Severino would face a six-month suspension, a $3,000 fine (30% of his $10,000 purse), and prosecution fees for his actions. However, this agreement was not accepted, and Severino's case will be further reviewed in May.

Feeley noted that there was no prior precedent for an incident like Severino's, as such occurrences are rare in combat sports. The last high-profile incident of biting in boxing was in 1997 when Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield during their fight.

Severino's future in the UFC and the sport as a whole hangs in the balance as he awaits the final decision from the Nevada Commission.


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