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Is It Time for Usyk and Fury to Hang Up Their Gloves?

Oleksandr Usyk, at 37 years old, stands on the brink of retirement with his legacy firmly established as one of boxing's all-time greats. As he ages, the likelihood of his speed and strength waning increases, making now the perfect moment to step away from the sport.

Usyk and Fury

A second victory over Tyson Fury would further enhance his legendary status, and a win against Deontay Wilder, should the Bronze Bomber defeat Zhilei Zhang, would add another accolade to his name. However, the risk of tarnishing his record with a loss looms large. The longer Usyk continues to fight, the more he risks losing his "magic powers." It’s a difficult decision to retire at the peak of his career, but it might be the wisest choice.

Without an unbeaten record to protect and with financial gain seemingly a priority, Tyson Fury may opt to pursue a bout with Anthony Joshua. This matchup would still draw significant interest, and Fury would likely be favored to win. However, another fight against Usyk—and a potential loss—could diminish his chances of ever facing Joshua and increase the risk of a less dignified end to his career.

If Fury decides to continue fighting, a showdown with Joshua might be his best option. Despite the spectacle that was his recent fight, many fans would prefer both Usyk and Fury to fast-track their retirements. Usyk has achieved his longtime dream by dominating the heavyweight division as a natural cruiserweight, and there’s little left for him to prove. He has maintained relatively good health throughout his career and is already considered an all-time great. Seeing him retire at this high point would be a fitting end to his storied career.

Fury, on the other hand, has endured significant damage in the ring. From absorbing Deontay Wilder’s powerful punches to his recent bout with Usyk, where he staggered and struggled in the ninth round, the toll on his body has been immense. Despite his overall strong performance against Usyk, the sight of Fury visibly hurt was concerning. His eyes crossed multiple times, and he was inadequately defending himself as he stumbled across the ring. While the knockdown call may have been correct, many believe the referee should have stopped the fight earlier.

Fury may have redeemed himself from the Ngannou debacle with his performance against Usyk, but the damage he sustained suggests it might be time for him to prioritize his health and step away from boxing. Both Usyk and Fury have given fans incredible moments, but their long-term well-being should now take precedence over continued competition in this brutal sport.


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