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Israel Adesanya knocks Alex Pereira out cold to become two-time UFC Middleweight Champion

At UFC 287 in Miami, Florida, Israel Adesanya stunned longtime foe Alex Pereira to win back the middleweight championship.

In the second round, with his back to the cage, Adesanya, 33, unleashed two crushing right punches that knocked Pereira, 35, to the ground.

With this win, Adesanya atones for three prior losses to Pereira.

In kickboxing matches in 2016 and 2017, as well as at UFC 281, he suffered three defeats. 

"I hope every one of you can feel this level of happiness for one time in your life," said Nigeria-born New Zealander Adesanya.

"But guess what - you'll never feel this level of happiness if you don't go for something in your life. When they knock you down, if you stay down you will never get that resolve.

"Fortify your mind and feel this level of happiness. I'm blessed to feel this again and again and again."

According to Adesanya, his rivalry with Pereira has given rise to the "greatest storyline in MMA history."


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