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Jack Della Maddalena Sidelined by Arm Infection, Misses UFC 305 in Australia

Jack Della Maddalena Sidelined
Jack Della Maddalena

Jack Della Maddalena's plans for a triumphant homecoming at UFC 305 in Perth, Australia, have been put on hold due to a severe arm infection. The Australian welterweight, currently ranked No. 5 in the UFC Welterweight Division Rankings, was set to compete on August 17, but medical complications have forced him to withdraw.

Maddalena provided a detailed update on his condition via social media, explaining that he encountered serious issues following two surgeries.

He shared graphic images and videos of his surgical procedures and the resulting complications, showing a "messy hole" left by an abscess removal. To combat the infection, both tissue and bone were removed, and further surgeries are planned.

This setback is especially frustrating given Maddalena's recent career highlights. He is coming off a major victory, having knocked out former UFC welterweight title challenger Gilbert Burns in the third round. Maddalena boasts a flawless 7-0 record in the UFC, with his first four wins all achieved within a single round.

Although he was not officially scheduled for a fight at UFC 305, Maddalena was eager to compete in front of his home fans. His disappointment was clear as he announced his withdrawal.

While fans will have to wait longer to see Maddalena back in action, his determination to return stronger than ever promises an exciting future. As he focuses on his recovery, the MMA community will be eagerly awaiting his comeback.


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