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Jake Paul Confirms Rematch with Tommy Fury on the Horizon

Jake Paul Confirms Rematch with Tommy Fury on the Horizon

YouTube sensation turned boxer, Jake Paul, is adamant that a rematch with British boxer Tommy Fury will occur in the near future. Following Fury's upset victory over Paul in February, the American social media star exercised his immediate rematch clause. However, Paul temporarily shifted his focus to an upcoming fight against MMA superstar Nate Diaz, scheduled for August 5. If Paul emerges victorious against Diaz, he plans to reignite his rivalry with Fury, the unbeaten younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. In a recent interview, Paul expressed his willingness to face any opponent and criticized other boxers for prioritizing an undefeated record over taking risks and making significant fights happen.

The Initial Showdown:

In a surprising turn of events, Tommy Fury managed to secure a split decision victory over Jake Paul in their initial clash held in Saudi Arabia. Despite being knocked down in the eighth and final round, Fury showcased resilience and determination to claim the win, handing Paul his first career defeat. The bout against Fury marked Paul's first professional boxing match against an established boxer.

The Rematch Clause and Alternate Paths:

Following the loss, Jake Paul had the option to invoke an immediate rematch clause against Tommy Fury. However, instead of an immediate rematch, Paul opted to pursue a finalized fight against MMA superstar Nate Diaz. This decision led to speculation about the future of the Paul-Fury rivalry, as fans eagerly awaited confirmation of a potential rematch.

Promising a Rematch:

During an interview at the Miami Grand Prix, Jake Paul assured fans that a rematch with Tommy Fury is inevitable. Recognizing the significance of their first encounter, Paul emphasized the excitement surrounding their potential rematch. The initial fight garnered tremendous attention, with high pay-per-view buys, making it one of the most watched boxing events in the last two years. The anticipation for a rematch stems from both fighters' desire to settle the score definitively.

Paul's Perspective on Boxing:

Jake Paul's foray into professional boxing has not been without controversy, but he remains vocal about his commitment to the sport. In his recent interview, Paul expressed his frustration with established boxers who prioritize an undefeated record over taking risks and accepting challenges. He cited the failed negotiations between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk for an undisputed fight as an example of the sport's reluctance to make significant bouts happen. Paul commended fighters like Ryan Garcia, who, despite losing to Gervonta Davis, were willing to take risks and participate in high-profile matchups.


Jake Paul's insistence on a rematch with Tommy Fury showcases his determination to prove himself in the boxing world. Despite his first career defeat, Paul remains confident in his abilities and aims to settle the score with Fury. As he continues to attract attention and generate substantial pay-per-view buys, Paul emphasizes the importance of big fights in boxing and calls for more fighters to prioritize challenging matchups over maintaining an undefeated record. Whether or not the rematch with Fury materializes, Jake Paul's impact on the boxing landscape is undeniable, stirring both excitement and controversy among fans and industry insiders alike.


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