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Jake Paul thinks Tommy Fury's father is hindering his progress

Jake Paul thinks Tommy Fury's dad is having a negative impact on him.

Jake Paul, a former YouTube star who is now a professional boxer, thinks Tommy Fury's father, John Fury, is to blame for making the boxer Tommy Fury a worse fighter.

Paul will take on Fury on Sunday in Saudi Arabia. Fury is Tyson Fury's younger sibling and the WBC heavyweight champion.

With an 8-0 record and 4 knockouts, Fury is unbeaten, but most observers think his opposition has been very weak. Paul, who is also undefeated with a 6-0 record and 4 knockouts, has yet to fight a real boxer; instead, the majority of his victories have come over MMA champions. Paul's most recent triumph was a close call over MMA legend Anderson Silva.

Since April of last year, Fury has not participated in a recognized matchup. John Fury assures that Paul will suffer a lopsided thrashing this weekend.

Paul, 26, believes Fury could have improved as a boxer if he had trained under a different trainer. "I’m getting 33 percent better each year, because I’ve only been boxing three years. I am increasing exponentially, whereas Tommy's done it for 12 years, so how much can his skill level really improve? He’s really stuck in his ways of how he is as a boxer, especially with his dad training him," Paul told The Sun.

"He’s worked with other trainers who are way better, but his dad is actually hindering him and making him a worse fighter."

On two previous occasions, the two rivals were supposed to fight. Due to a training camp injury, Fury pulled from their fight in 2021. After Fury was unable to obtain entry into the United States in 2022, the fight was again postponed.


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