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Jake Paul to Receive WBC Ranking in Cruiserweight Division if he Beats Tommy Fury

Jake Paul, the YouTube star turned boxer, is set to receive an official ranking from the WBC in the cruiserweight division if he beats Tommy Fury in their upcoming fight on February 26. The WBC has announced that Paul will be ranked among the world’s best cruiserweights if he emerges victorious from his first fight against a professional boxer.

Boxing’s four sanctioning bodies have a top 15 list for every weight class, which determines eligibility to challenge for world titles. However, the WBC extends their list to a full top 40, leaving some ambiguity around Paul’s eligibility for a world title shot in his next fight.

Conveniently, WBC cruiserweight world champion Ilunga Makabu is set to defend his belt against Badou Jack on the undercard of Paul vs Fury. If Paul is ranked high enough after his fight against Fury, he could even look to fight the winner of Makabu vs Jack for the world title.

The WBC’s statement regarding Paul read, “Jake has dedication and respect to the sport. The WBC will not tolerate discrimination against anyone, he deserves the opportunities that any other boxer has. He demonstrated punching power and improved skills as well as a solid chin.”

In addition to Paul, Tommy Fury will also earn a WBC ranking if he beats Paul, meaning both fighters could be in line for shock world title contention. The WBC will analyze the result and place the winner anywhere from the top 40-15, depending on the nature of the performance.

If either fighter impresses enough, they could receive a top 15 rating and be eligible for a world title fight.

While some may see this as an ambitious move by Paul, who has only fought against non-professional boxers thus far, he has made it clear that he wants to win a boxing world title.

The upcoming fight against Tommy Fury will be his first test against a professional boxer, and it will be interesting to see how he performs and where he lands in the WBC’s rankings.

Regardless of the outcome, this move will undoubtedly generate buzz in the boxing world and add another layer to the already fascinating career of Jake Paul.


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