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Jake Paul VS Tommy Fury

Jake Paul has a brother who boxes, Tommy Fury has a brother who boxes. Which means they should fight, right? According to a lot of boxing fans this match is going down and gonna be a good one.

The smack talk has already begun where Jake claims Tommy Fury lacks the qualities of a fighter without "real heart." Fury claims that the youtube fighter will run with his tail between his legs from a real fight. August 29th, Fury will make his U.S debut vs Anthony Taylor and Paul will face off against Tyron Woodley.

We can expect both fighters to put on a promising show. Say what you want about Jake Paul, but the guy knows how to stir controversey and sell PPV's. Many boxing fans want to see him face a real contender, not a semi-retired fighter whose focus was never boxing.

Fury has big shoes to fill, his brother is the heavyweight champion of the world. The boxing fan world want him to end Jake Pauls winning streak. Tommy is kind of like Jake in the sense that he does television and entertainment. So hopefully we get to see these two go at it.


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