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Jaron Ennis vs. Terence Crawford Uncertain as Spence Drama Unfolds

The Ennis camp, comprising father-son duo Jaron and Derek "Bozy" Ennis, had been holding out hope for Jaron to face the winner of the Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence Jr. showdown. However, recent developments have left them feeling pessimistic about their chances.

Jaron Ennis vs. Terence Crawford
Ennis Camp's Bid for Crawford Rematch Hits Roadblocks

Crawford's dominant victory over Spence in their anticipated bout turned the tables on any immediate rematch prospects. Despite initial expectations of a follow-up fight, Crawford seems inclined to move on from Spence, who disclosed that he underwent cataract surgery, partly attributing his loss to this medical condition. This revelation sparked a heated exchange between the two fighters, culminating in Crawford expressing relief that his rivalry with Spence is seemingly concluded.

While Crawford hasn't officially ruled out a rematch with Spence, his recent comments suggest a lack of enthusiasm for revisiting their rivalry. This uncertainty leaves Crawford without a clear opponent for his next bout, a situation mirrored by Jaron's current status as a technically recognized world champion with the IBF title, albeit amidst some controversy surrounding the circumstances of his victory.

Despite the uncertainty, the Ennis camp remains hopeful for a change of heart from Crawford, hoping that he might consider a bout with Jaron now that Spence appears sidelined. However, they are also realistic about the situation, acknowledging that Crawford's decision will likely be driven by financial considerations, potentially favoring more high-profile opponents over Jaron.

Bozy Ennis expressed his understanding of Crawford's likely next steps, stating,

"I know what Terence is gonna do. Terence is gonna find the next best fighter that he can make a lot of money with. That’s what I would do."

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