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Jessica Eye - Hospitalization Threatens UFC Fight Night Card

Jessica Eye was hospitalized for an allergic reaction. Her health scare might call for an upcoming fight delay with Andrea Lee. It was scheduled to originally be at UFC Fight Night on November 13th. With her recent hospitalization, Eye has endured some of the most grueling health problems she's ever encountered. She believes her doctors have a diagnosis and will update her fans soon.

Jessica had this to say on her Instagram - "I thought I was dealing with an allergic reaction to fish eggs that I didn’t notice on my sushi role until it was too late. Extremely allergic to eggs. Thursday night is when the fever started. So I followed protocol for when I am exposed to a food allergy. Thursday was rough but woke up on Friday feeling OK but brain fog, which is usually a symptom after I have an allergy attack or exposure to foods I’m allergic to.

Friday was a normal day and I was ready for this weekend’s event (a jiujitsu competition) but felt like adrenaline was keeping me on my feet. However, Friday night the fever returned. At this point, I had a negative COVID [test] so I brushed it off. I was like f*ck fish eggs.

Saturday morning, I had my morning shake out and felt normal, so to speak. Took another allergy pill just in case, took a nap, got up and went to the competition. I felt great warming up but definitely shaky and off but me being me, I brushed it off. Then Saturday night, the worst I have ever felt in my life. Body aches, fever, sweat more than I ever did even in a weight cut. That’s when I feel like I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Sunday I was admitted into the hospital with severe pain so bad, I could barely stand or not cry. They are still running tests and it looks like we have a clear diagnosis that I will share soon but I will be spending a few days in the hospital. My team and I have decided to pop in this fight and focus on my health. There has been struggling for a year and it’s my top priority. I already lost my gallbladder. I don’t plan to lose anymore.

Please send me all the good vibes, I hope to update you guys soon as I am out of the hospital and fully back to Jess mode.” Fight.TV is sending you all the good vibes Jess! We hope that you heal fast and can get this behind you before the holidays start!


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