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Jim Miller Submits Benitez, Targets Paul Felder Showdown at UFC 300

In a captivating co-main event at UFC Vegas 84, seasoned lightweight Jim Miller secured a triumphant victory over Gabriel Benitez, tapping him with a face crank at 3:25 of the third round. The win not only marked Miller's second consecutive victory, following his June stoppage of Jesse Butler, but it also positioned him for a potential blockbuster matchup at UFC 300.

From the opening bell, Miller (37-17) showcased his striking prowess with crisp combinations and punishing leg kicks. Every strike from Benitez (23-12) was met with intensified retaliation from Miller, who dominated brief clinch battles with well-placed knees to the body. Round 2 saw Benitez attempting to shift momentum, but Miller's relentless exchanges and a strategic takedown kept the contest fiercely contested.

Entering the final round with both fighters showing signs of battle, Miller continued to trade heavy blows with Benitez. A decisive takedown led Miller to Benitez's back, where he secured a face crank for his 12th UFC submission win. The victory not only solidified Miller's reputation as a submission specialist but also set the stage for a potential showdown at UFC 300.

“I’ve got three months to heal up and stay in shape and stay ready,” Miller declared in his post-fight interview. “Now it’s just find an opponent at this point. There’s a couple of names that have been thrown out that intrigued me a bit, one sitting at the desk, Paul Felder. I think that would be a fun fight.”

Paul Felder, who retired in 2020 and transitioned to the commentary desk, has recently teased a return to the octagon. Miller's callout adds an exciting layer to the narrative surrounding UFC 300, with CEO Dana White previously confirming Miller's special placement on the card, making him the only fighter to compete on all three century mark events.

As Miller eyes a historic appearance at UFC 300, the lightweight division braces for a potential clash between two veterans eager to make their mark on this monumental milestone in the UFC's storied history.


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