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Jimmie Rivera To Sign With BKFC, Reveals Manager

BKFC is adding another former UFC fighter to its roster. Maliki Kawa, head of first round management, revealed that Riviera had agreed to sign with BKFC. Who he will fight and when he will fight will be decided later, but the former UFC Bantamweight Wins Saints have agreed to join the promotion. But BKFC has not yet publicly confirmed the signing. "They're signing my son Jimmy Rivera, nobody knows about it, so I broke it up here on Di Shamo. Jimmy Rivera is going there," Maliki Kawa told Di Shamo. Rivera, a well-known UFC fighter, will be performing well in the BKFC. The promotion is being signed from the first round with many of these former UFC fighters, including Mike Perry, who recently signed. The deal between Jimmy Rivera (23-5) and the UFC ended when he lost to Pedro Manhoz in the Fight of the Night in February. The UFC chose not to re-sign it. The main reason for this was that he had made only 2-4 in his last six matches. Since then, a lot of people thought he would sign up with another MMA promotion but it looks like he is going to BKFC. Throughout his career, Riviera has won notable victories over Manhoz, Orijah Faber, John Dodson, Thomas Almeida, Cody Steeman, and Marcus Bremj. He started his UFC run with a five-fight win and was 21-1 before winning his first UFC main event against Marilyn Morris, where he lost to KO in a 33-second. The question is, what will Jimmy Rivera do at BKFC?


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