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Joe Rogan wants this MMA move to be legalized again!

Joe Rogan is a well-known podcast presenter and UFC commentator who isn't afraid to get into hot water over a variety of issues. In his most recent divisive stance, the 55-year-old stated that hits to the back of a fighter's head should be authorized in MMA fights.

Hits to the back of the head, sometimes known as 'rabbit punching,' are prohibited in all forms of combat sports due to the significant danger of injury as well as serious and irreversible damage to the brain stem and spinal system.

Joe Rogan recently stated on The Joe Rogan Experience with UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal (JRE MMA Show #137) that because certain dangerous moves were widespread in the early days of MMA, they should be permitted and accepted today as well.

Bloody Elbow published a report that replicated Rogan's words suggesting that 'rabbit punching' should be permitted inside the octagon:

"I don’t even know if we should stop hitting people in the back of the head. It doesn’t seem to make any sense to me. Because a lot of knockouts, like high kicks, they wrap around the back of the shoulder, and they go right to the back of your head, and it’s legal...It should be legal, I don't understand why it's not legal."

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