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John Fury causes chaos at Misfits Boxing open workout, confronts KSI and Greg Paul

John Fury, the father of Tommy and Tyson Fury, made a scene at the Misfits Boxing open workout on Thursday, as he got into heated exchanges with KSI and Greg Paul, the father of Logan and Jake Paul.

John Fury was there to support his son Tommy, who will face KSI in the main event of Saturday’s boxing card in Manchester. However, he could not contain his anger as he saw KSI on a balcony above him, while Tommy was doing an interview on the floor.

John Fury threw a water bottle at KSI, which hit a glass railing. KSI responded by spitting in John Fury’s direction. The incident was captured by cameras and reported by Misfits Boxing broadcaster DAZN.

But that was not the only confrontation that John Fury had at the workout. He also got into a verbal altercation with Greg Paul, who was there to support his son Logan, who will fight Dillon Danis in the co-main event. Greg Paul initially laughed at John Fury’s antics, but things got ugly as John Fury tried to attack him and security had to step in.

John Fury, who is also the father and coach of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, has been known for his temper. He also caused a commotion at the press conference for Saturday’s fight, when he flipped over a table and security had to separate him from KSI and his team.


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