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John Gotti III's Boxing Suspension Lifted Amidst Controversial Melee with Floyd Mayweather

John Gotti III, the rising boxing star, is no longer facing suspension following the chaotic post-fight melee that erupted during his exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which oversees the Florida State Boxing Commission, confirmed the reversal of Gotti's six-month suspension, without providing any specific reasons for the decision. Gotti III remained unavailable for comment.

The altercation occurred after Gotti III ignored referee Kenny Bayless' stoppage of the exhibition fight with Mayweather, leading to a brief but intense in-ring melee between both boxers and their respective camps. The ensuing chaos even sparked other fights within the arena, leaving the sporting world stunned.

Despite the exhibition match not affecting the fighters' professional records, the incident was an undeniable setback for both Gotti III and Mayweather. The fight was called off in the sixth round due to repeated warnings for excessive trash talk and holding, particularly aimed at Gotti III. As Mayweather taunted him and his supporters outside the ring, tensions escalated rapidly, and the fighters exchanged a barrage of profanities.

Gotti III, who had previously labeled Mayweather his "enemy for life", seemed to have had a change of heart. During an appearance on The MMA Hour, he expressed a desire to put their animosity behind them and even called for a rematch.

The situation also cast a particular shadow on Mayweather's post-retirement career, where he continued to engage in exhibition matches with boxing novices like Logan Paul and Aaron Chalmers. Despite his undefeated record in the professional realm, the melee raised questions about his choice of opponents and the potential impact on his legacy.

For now, both fighters can breathe a sigh of relief as Gotti III's suspension has been lifted. Nevertheless, the incident serves as a stern reminder of the unpredictable nature of combat sports and the emotions that can arise in the heat of the moment.


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