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John Lineker's Cross-Disciplinary Journey: A Muay Thai Debut at ONE Fight Night 18

Prepare for an exhilarating shift in combat sports dynamics as John Lineker, renowned for his bone-crushing MMA performances, ventures into uncharted territory with his maiden muay Thai bout set to take place at ONE Fight Night 18 early next year.

A battle-tested warrior in mixed martial arts, Lineker is gearing up to step into the squared circle under the rules of muay Thai, facing the seasoned and formidable Liam Harrison at bantamweight. The event is slated to unfold at the historic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 12, 2024, marking Lineker's inaugural foray into the art of eight limbs.

Following his recent triumphs at ONE Fight Night events, securing victories over Stephen Loman and Jae Woong Kim, Lineker is poised to unleash his signature "Hands of Stone" in a new combat arena. With a staggering 47 professional MMA battles behind him, Lineker's transition to muay Thai symbolizes a daring leap into unexplored realms, potentially straddling both disciplines in the future.

Expressing his eagerness and commitment, Lineker conveyed to MMA Junkie,

"Let’s see how this fight against Liam Harrison goes. If I do well, I intend to keep fighting Muay Thai and MMA."

His determination is further evident as he plans to immerse himself in Thailand's ambiance, arriving 20 days prior to the event to acclimatize and train rigorously at Lions MMA in Phuket.

His opponent, Liam Harrison, a seasoned contender in muay Thai, brings his own array of skills and experience to the ring, having showcased his prowess in previous ONE Championship appearances. With a split record of victories and losses in the promotion, Harrison eyes redemption after a setback in his last outing against Nong-O Gaiyanghadao.

As Lineker embarks on this cross-disciplinary expedition, the anticipation grows within the combat sports realm. His willingness to embrace new challenges and adapt to diverse fighting styles underscores his relentless pursuit of excellence.

The clash between Lineker and Harrison promises to be a spectacle, marking the commencement of Lineker's journey in muay Thai and potentially reshaping the landscape of combat sports rivalry.


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