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Join more bloodthirsty fighters in the Baleter 274 card on February 19th.

Bellatar is a big event for his fans in February. Because the first five visits of five visits to promote Storeley (12-1 MMA, 7-1 BMMA) will be appreciated when they are neighboring (11-2 MMA, 9-2 BMMA) in Batter 274, which detail from here

Today we talk, Five Bouts Added to Bellator 274 Fight Card

After a long MMA height, the "Irish" Bernin Ward will return its dramatic return. One of the most entertaining fighters in the belt history, all American wrestlers of the former Division III have eliminated their opponent in 12 out of their 14 achievements, which included nine in the first round. There are.

Aram, Born in Utah, Diana Bennet will be 2022 under the first and third appearance belt banner. The 37-year-old Brazilion Geo Jatsus Purple Belt got a great success in Belt 266 on February 19. Will be willing to devote the victory of bits.

After five-year stunts with rival promotion, the UFC tested Justin Khu on January 2021, which signed a multi-fighters agreement in January 2021 and joined forces with belt. "Ultimate Fighter 20," 33-year-old "was awarded an UFC contract. After fighting Los Angeles, after fighting 2-1 in the road match, including a remarkable win before flying Attack including Nina's Assembly 2018.

The neutral Israeli sensitive Aviv Goves (6-0) will return to the belt cage in search of its seventh direct victory. Since the first time in 2018, after making their professional, "King" is the first round offer (under all the belt banner), including two opening minutes in opening minutes and a record configuration 11 seconds heel hack victory Includes. .The.

Former stand wrestlers in the Fresno state, Isaiah Hokk signed a belt in 2020 and belong to the family of a talented player. His brother Josh Hakett is a practice squad player for San Francisco 49ers and the Pro team was called during the 2020-21 NFL season. Their belt, "Central Valley Gangster" is also expected to record its pro record on February after difficult loss.

The belt is also expected that your record is up to 50000 in 274, Thodor Macca has saved many challenges, including an automobile rod, including a car accident during the car crash. After increasing and targeting as Albania-American in a foreign country, entered, in July 2019, "Header" Pro Pro and your counterpart Rico Hasin closed at 0:36 pm.

After returning the belt cage for the fourth time in many wallets, Jordan Newman has started his professional career with two stops between three victories. The belt became a 25-year belt fighter after the victory of a difficult battle in his last boot during Branco Basks in 255.

Currently crestview is fighting to fight FLA, Cody Hubes (2-0) 2021 will make their belt first after two bare buckle MMA battles in Florida late in Florida.

Belter 274 fight card

Main card

Preliminary card

  • Mandel Nallo vs. Nick Browne

  • Christian Edwards vs. Kevin Haley

  • Jaylon Bates vs. Chris disonell

  • Aviv Gozali vs. Bobby King

  • DEANNA BENNTT VS. Justine Kish

  • Brennan Ward vs. Brandon Bell

  • Jordan Newman vs. CODY HERBERT

  • Justin Montalvo vs. Corey samuels

  • Isaiah Hokit vs. Theodore Macuka

  • ORLANDO MENDOZA VS. Jonathan di lorenzo


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