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Jose Aldo's Next Challenge: A Showdown with Floyd Mayweather in Saudi Arabia?

Aldo, who recently retired from MMA to pursue his passion for boxing, is set to make his second professional boxing appearance this Saturday against former UFC rival Jeremy Stephens. But this is just the beginning of Aldo's transition to the sport of boxing.

The former UFC and WEC featherweight champion has announced that he is in negotiations with none other than the legendary Floyd Mayweather for a boxing match that could take place in Saudi Arabia in the near future.

According to sources close to the fighter, he has been training extensively with a renowned boxing coach and has his sights set on making a name for himself in the boxing world.

The Brazilian boxer is focused on his upcoming fight this weekend, but the thought of fighting against one of the greatest boxers of all time has got his heart racing. When asked about the potential fight with Mayweather, Aldo couldn't contain his excitement and replied in a charged tone, "Yeah, we’ve been negotiating that fight for a good while. Floyd already knows about the fight. I first need to think about my fight this Saturday, and then I can see what’s going to happen. But yeah, we’ve been in negotiations for a long time, and that fight could go down in Saudi Arabia."


Since making his MMA debut in 2004, Aldo has established himself as one of the greatest featherweight fighters of all time. With a record of 31 wins and just 8 losses, he has been a dominant force in the octagon for nearly two decades. But now, at the age of 35, Aldo is taking a new direction.

Jose Aldo's move to boxing is a bold and exciting new direction for the former MMA champion. Whether he will achieve the same level of success in boxing remains to be seen, but there's no doubt that he has the talent and drive to make it happen.


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