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Joseph Benavidez Retires After Four UFC Title Challenges

Four-time UFC title challenger Joseph Benavidez has retired! Yes, the 13-year-old UFC star has now decided to retire. Four-time UFC title challenger Joseph Benavides is retiring as a professional after 15 years in combat sports.

The 37-year-old Benavidez has his gloves hanging with a 28-8 MMA record, including wins at the top of the UFC over 13 years in the Bantamweight and Flyweight list, where He made a name for himself at 125, beating many top contenders and countless guys inbetween.

In March, Benavidez suffered his third consecutive loss, a decisive blow against Askar Askarov in UFC 259, after a pair of losses in the fight against Deiveson Figueiredo for the UFC flyweight title.

Benavidez owns victories against these Champions and UFC Title Challengers: Alex Perez, Henry Sejudo, Ali Bagotinov, John Morga and Tim Elliott.

Benavidez is tied with Johnson for the most wins in the UFC flyweight division and holds the record for most fights (19) and most knockouts in flyweight (5). He has received six post-fight bonuses at WEC and UFC.

Before losing to Askarov, Benavidez hinted that he would be a soldier trying to win the UFC title, but he also hinted that he could hang up his gloves.

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