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Josh Taylor Focused on Future, Ready for Teofimo Lopez Fight, forgotten about Jack Catterall

Josh Taylor Focused on Future, Ready for Teofimo Lopez Fight

After the controversial points win over Jack Catterall last year, Josh Taylor is ready to put the past behind him and move forward. In a recent interview, the WBO junior welterweight titlist from Scotland made it clear that Catterall is no longer on his mind and that his focus is on his upcoming fight against Teofimo Lopez.

Taylor and Catterall were supposed to have a rematch in March, but the fight was postponed multiple times due to various reasons, including a foot injury suffered by Taylor. Instead of pursuing another date with Catterall, Taylor turned his attention to Lopez, and the two are expected to fight on June 10 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Taylor vacated three of his belts in order to pursue a rematch with Catterall, but he believes that the Lopez fight is the right move for him at the moment. He stated that the WBO ordered a fight between him and Lopez, but it has been reported that he was already in talks with Lopez before the WBO issued their decree. Taylor and Lopez share the same promoter, Top Rank.

Despite his move away from Catterall, Taylor still believes that the fight can happen in the future. He said, "The fight is always going to be there. It will happen at some point in the future." However, he doesn't feel that he needs another win over Catterall to feel satisfied with his career, saying that he could retire tomorrow and be content with his accomplishments.

Taylor implored Catterall to move on himself, saying that he's had to move on because of the WBO situation. He added, "If he really believes himself and beats these other fighters go ahead and fight these f------ fights. Stop waiting on me."

Taylor's focus now is on Lopez, and he's confident that he'll come out on top. He stated, "I'm confident that I'm going to win the fight. I think it's going to be a great fight, but I'm confident that I'm going to come out on top."

Taylor is ready to put the fallout from his last fight behind him and move on to bigger and better things. He's focused on his upcoming fight with Lopez and believes that it's the right move for his career. With his sights set on the future, Taylor is ready to take on anyone who comes his way.


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