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Julianna Pena Expresses Lingering Frustration over Amanda Nunes' Retirement

Nearly a month has passed since UFC 289, but the disappointment still lingers for Julianna Pena as she remains upset about Amanda Nunes' unexpected retirement.

Pena, also known as 'The Venezuelan Vixen,' last stepped into the octagon for a rematch against 'The Lioness' in July of the previous year. However, the outcome was far from what she had hoped for, as Nunes dominated the fight and reclaimed the championship by unanimous decision.

Anticipation was building for their trilogy clash at UFC 289, but Pena's hopes were dashed when she was forced to withdraw due to injuries just weeks before the event. On short notice, Irene Aldana stepped in, only to suffer a one-sided defeat in the pay-per-view headliner. It was after this victory that Amanda Nunes announced her retirement, leaving Pena feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

Since that announcement, Pena has expressed her frustration through a series of rants aimed at the former dual-weight champion. She even contemplated storming the cage during Nunes' retirement speech. However, her outspokenness faced criticism, with some fighters, including Maycee Barber, coming to Nunes' defense.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Pena openly admitted that she still grapples with the disappointment. She expressed her frustration, emphasizing the significance of their tied record and claiming that she is entitled to call Nunes a coward.

“The biggest thing for me is we are 1-1,” Julianna Pena stated in the interview when asked about Amanda Nunes. “I think I’m the only person on the face of the planet that is allowed to say or can call Amanda Nunes a coward. Ah, because we do have unfinished business and I definitely think she found the easy way out with retiring, I do.”

She continued, “Injuries happen in the sport. Of course, it’s my fault that I wasn’t able to compete at that time but she also pulled out of our fight when we were supposed to fight the first time. She’s pulled out of many fights in the past. It doesn’t mean you go retire because of it.”

As Pena's frustration continues to brew, fight fans eagerly await her next move. With her sights set on redemption, it remains to be seen who the next opponent will be to step into the cage with 'The Venezuelan Vixen.' As Pena seeks to prove herself once again, the MMA community watches with anticipation, eager to witness her tenacity and determination in future battles.

In conclusion, Julianna Pena's disappointment over Amanda Nunes' retirement after their tied series remains palpable. As Pena voices her frustration, the question of her next opponent looms, creating an air of anticipation within the world of mixed martial arts.


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