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Just how good is Jake Paul at boxing?

It is hard to tell whether Jake Paul is a legitimate boxer from the hype surrounding him. He is a social media sensation with a 6-0 record and four knockouts.

However, most would claim he has never fought an actual boxer in the ring, even after his decision victory over combat sports legend Anderson Silva. Although Paul has been scheduled to face a boxer on at least three occasions, he has been pulled. Previously scheduled opponents include light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury, and heavyweight Hasim Rahman Jr.

Many people have doubts about Paul's boxing abilities over the years, but some boxing analysts believe he has potential to be a contender, slowly gaining the respect of the pro's and critiques alike. One thing that can't be taken away from Jake, is that he knows how to get people talking about him.

There are many talented young boxers making their way up the ladder. It is a great time to be in boxing, and Paul is a prime candidate to make a name for himself in the ring. But he'll have to prove himself against opponents who can fight back.

As a member of the Golden Boy Boxing Club, Paul has been a huge draw for the sport. In fact, his most recent fight with Katie Taylor brought a new audience to the sport, and Paul was the hype man behind the fight. While there are some questions about Paul's boxing prowess, he deserves credit for all his efforts and for bringing a new generation of boxers to the sport.

Jake Paul has many fans on social media. His Instagram and YouTube pages have over 18 million followers, and his videos have over 2 billion views. He is 5'7" tall and weighs 155 pounds. While his social media following has been impressive, there is no guarantee that he will have much success in the ring.

If Floyd Mayweather was to fight Jake Paul, he'd probably be a better choice. He's a social media sensation and a former MMA star. But if Jake Paul continues to face MMA fighters past his prime, he won't be taken seriously. Floyd Mayweather, however, will appreciate the buzz and attention that Jake Paul is garnering. A Hall of Famer like Mayweather can't ignore that buzz.

Jake Paul is the right mix of ability and entertainment value. He has the potential to become a world champion but he will need to train hard to make it. He has the potential to add adrenaline to boxing while attracting a new audience that might eventually become fans of the "real" fighters. As long as he doesn't ruin boxing as some argue, he'll be a valuable addition to the sport.

Jake Paul has made boxing more popular. His fights with Conor McGregor have garnered nearly five million views on YouTube alone. His knockout against Woodley more than doubled that number. If Jake Paul can pull off more fights like this, he should be able to keep people interested.


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