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Kanye West spotted wearing MMA gear

Rapper Kanye West's most recent images have once again sparked controversy among MMA fans. The artist was just seen exiting West Hollywood hotspot Cecconi's with his new wife Bianca.

However, Ye's clothing was what drew the attention of MMA fans. West was spotted with shin guards that look like those worn in Muay Thai as well as socks and no shoes.

He also wore a black jumper or jacket over his head that had a remarkable resemblance to sauna suits, which are worn by MMA fighters to lose weight.

Kanye West's clothing served as the fodder for jokes from UFC supporters and even a few combatants. Belal Muhammad, a welterweight in the UFC, shared a photoshopped photo of himself with Ye and Bianca.

Kanye West frequently offends people by expressing his passionate views on divisive issues. Earlier this year, the musician's interview on The Alex Jones Show went viral, garnering the anger of a certain UFC fighter.

Ye praised the Nazi party and Hitler's abilities as a leader while denouncing Jewish media for attempting to minimize his achievements to society.


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