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Kayla Harrison's Patient Pursuit: The Potential Showdown with Cris Cyborg

Rumors of a potential merger between PFL and Bellator have set the MMA community abuzz. While many anticipate the transition, it could pave the way for some thrilling cross-promotional matchups, none more tantalizing than a showdown between Kayla Harrison and Cris Cyborg, the Bellator women's featherweight champion. Yet, Harrison, the two-time PFL champion, remains cautiously optimistic.

Harrison is well aware of the persistent speculation surrounding the future of Bellator and the potential shift of ownership to PFL. Such a change could potentially see Bellator fighters crossing over to the PFL, creating a treasure trove of fresh and intriguing encounters, including the long-anticipated battle between Harrison and Cyborg.

The prospect of Harrison facing Cyborg has been dangled in front of fight fans for some time, with both fighters expressing their eagerness to lock horns. However, despite the tantalizing scenario painted by the possible Bellator sale, Harrison remains grounded and refuses to let herself get carried away by the speculations.

“I don't get excited about that anymore," Harrison revealed. "There's just been too many opportunities and too many highs and lows, and ups and downs, and bullsh*t that is, again, out of my control. I stay the course, I focus on me, I focus on my kids, I focus on my training, but that's all noise. It's all maybe, could've, would've, might happen in the future, so it's not my focus, and it is what it is."

For now, Harrison is laser-focused on her upcoming bout against former Bellator champion Julia Budd, a formidable opponent. The two will square off in a 145-pound bout at the 2023 PFL Championships on November 24th.

Despite her immediate focus on Budd, Harrison is open to the possibility of welcoming Cyborg to the PFL if the stars align. "Who better to welcome her than I?" Harrison exclaimed, emphasizing her readiness for the challenge. With no current title to chase and no specific season commitments, Harrison's desire to face Cyborg is crystal clear.

Kayla Harrison remains an enigmatic force, always poised for the next thrilling challenge. While the prospect of a PFL-Bellator merger hangs in the balance, the potential clash with Cris Cyborg adds another layer of excitement to the world of mixed martial arts.


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