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Kayla Harrison's UFC Debut: Overcoming Fear and Embracing Change

Kayla ready and steady for her UFC debut
Kayla Harrison

As the countdown to UFC 300 begins, all eyes are on Kayla Harrison, the two-time Olympic gold medalist who is poised to make her long-awaited UFC debut against Holly Holm. 

Amidst the anticipation and excitement, Harrison opens up about her journey, candidly discussing her fears and the monumental changes she's embraced. Reflecting on her transition from the PFL to the UFC, Harrison doesn't shy away from admitting her apprehension. 

"Of course [there was trepidation] – you think I’m crazy?" she remarked in a recent interview. "It was definitely — it was a really hard time in my life. It was a really hard decision for me to make. I was really scared about all of it."

For Harrison, the move signifies more than just a shift in promotions—it's a leap into the unknown, a departure from the familiar confines of the PFL. Yet, despite the uncertainties, Harrison is resolute in her determination to chase her ultimate goal: becoming a UFC champion.

"I’m ready for a new challenge. I’m ready for a new chapter," she declared. "When I started in MMA, the goal was to be UFC champion... I want to be UFC champion."

But the journey to UFC 300 isn't without its obstacles. Harrison, accustomed to competing at 155 pounds, faces the daunting task of dropping down to 135 pounds—a significant adjustment that demands sacrifice and discipline. Yet, fueled by her unwavering determination, Harrison remains undeterred.

Acknowledging the challenges of the weight cut, Harrison maintains a positive outlook, emphasizing her readiness to embrace the chosen suffering that accompanies her pursuit of greatness. 

"Life is still good," she affirms, her resolve unshakeable.

As the spotlight intensifies and the stakes soar, Harrison exudes confidence, buoyed by her unwavering belief in her abilities. With the prospect of unleashing elbows in her arsenal, Harrison envisions a dominant performance against Holm, eager to showcase her prowess on the grand stage of UFC 300.

As April 13 approaches, Kayla Harrison stands poised at the precipice of history, ready to seize her moment and etch her name in the annals of UFC glory.


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