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“KingRy” Says No Again: Ryan Garcia Rejects Ramirez Fight, Leaving Fans Frustrated

Surprisingly, "KingRy" Ryan Garcia has once again sparked controversy in the boxing world by declining a fight with Jose Ramirez, the former unified lightweight champion. The decision, which was made public via Garcia's social media accounts, has left both matchmakers and fans feeling shocked and frustrated.

Is Ryan Garcia ducking his competition or is it all part of a bigger plan?
Is Ryan Garcia ducking his competition or is it all part of a bigger plan?

Just one day earlier, famed promoter Oscar De La Hoya hinted to supporters that this highly anticipated fight might happen, implying that a deal was nearly finalised. Garcia's flat rejection, though, has now crushed these dreams. This rejection comes after Rolando "Rolly" Romero, the 140-pound WBA champion, was fired by Garcia because, according to De La Hoya, Romero "priced himself out" of a match against Garcia.

Ryan Garcia's most recent rejection seems to fit into a larger pattern of avoidance. Notably, De La Hoya was keen to set up a rematch between Garcia and WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney, but Garcia declined it. There are concerns about Garcia's willingness to interact with elite opponents in light of these persistent rejections. De La Hoya appears to run into opposition whenever he tries to further Garcia's career.

Garcia's selectiveness is interpreted by some as a calculated career move and by others as a fear of taking on strong opponents. Garcia's reluctance is especially puzzling given his $30 million payday from his previous fight against Gervonta Davis, which catapulted him to stardom and appeared to pave the way for more elite bouts.

The Future Is Still Uncertain. Now that Haney and Ramirez are out of the picture, curiosity about Garcia's potential opponent for the future is growing. Floyd Mayweather Jr. was the one who first raised the possibility of a fight between Ryan Garcia and Rolando "Rolly" Romero. However, even this matchup seems unlikely given that Romero reportedly has excessive financial demands.

Devin Haney v Ryan Garcia
Haney on the sidelines: Will these two stars ever meet in the ring?

Garcia may have felt that declining a matchup with Jose Ramirez was the right decision. Former WBO and WBC 140-pound champion Ramirez poses a serious threat. He may be too advanced for Garcia at this point in his career, but he is generally considered as one of the best in the division. Garcia's performance against Oscar Duarte in December of last year revealed weaknesses that a more experienced fighter like Ramirez would probably take advantage of.

Ryan Garcia's professional path is still erratic and contentious. His propensity to turn down elite opponents annoys supporters and casts doubt on his ability to compete in the sport in the future. The boxing world is excitedly awaiting KingRy's next move, but it remains to be seen who he will face next in the ring and whether the match will ultimately live up to his and the community's expectations.

Ryan Garcia's recent decisions regarding potential fights have sparked a fierce debate within the boxing community. His refusal to face Devin Haney, followed by claims that Rolando 'Rolly' Romero priced himself out, and now a straightforward no to Jose Ramirez, has led many to label him as one of the biggest 'duckers' in boxing history. This section examines these claims and the surrounding controversy.

Garcia's decision to bypass a fight with Haney, despite its potential significance, suggests a strategic career move to some, but to others, it's a clear sign of avoidance. The question arises: was the Haney fight not lucrative or prestigious enough for Garcia? Or did it pose a risk he was unwilling to take?

The claim that Romero priced himself out of a fight with Garcia is another contentious point. Critics argue that Garcia, despite his social media fame and previous high-paying bouts, lacks the draw power to justify such a claim. They suggest that using financial demands as a reason to avoid fights is a weak excuse, especially when it becomes a recurrent theme.

Ryan Garcia is fast becoming a topic of controversy in the boxing world
Ryan Garcia is fast becoming a topic of controversy in the boxing world

Garcia's outright rejection of a fight with Ramirez has added fuel to the fire. Critics point out that if Garcia's previous decisions could be given the benefit of the doubt, this latest refusal seems less justifiable. Ramirez, with his impressive record, would have been a significant challenge for Garcia, and avoiding this fight adds to the narrative of him being a 'serial ducker.'

Garcia's decisions have not only impacted his standing among boxing aficionados but also influenced the online discourse. Numerous supporters defend his choices, often clashing with those who accuse him of harming the sport's integrity. This polarization has led to a toxic environment in some online communities, with accusations of trolling and unwarranted defense of Garcia's actions.

Some argue that Garcia's narrative of opponents pricing themselves out doesn't hold up under scrutiny. They question his marketability and draw power, suggesting that he is not in a position to make such claims credibly. This line of criticism paints Garcia as a boxer more focused on safe matches and financial gain than on proving his prowess against top-tier opponents.

Ryan Garcia's career is at a crossroads, with his choices heavily scrutinized and his credibility in the ring questioned. The pattern of avoiding fights with high-profile boxers like Haney, Romero, and Ramirez paints a picture of a boxer who may be more cautious about his career trajectory than previously thought. Whether this is a result of strategic decision-making or an indication of a deeper reluctance to face challenging opponents remains a hotly debated topic. As the boxing world watches, the pressure mounts on Garcia to make a move that will either redeem his reputation or confirm the criticisms of his detractors.

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