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Leah McCourt Voices Frustration Over Ignored Title Shot, Awaits Bellator's Decision

Leah McCourt during media talk
Leah McCourt

Leah McCourt, the formidable featherweight contender, is making it clear: she wants her shot at the title. However, frustration is mounting as she feels continually overlooked in the race for a showdown against Cris Cyborg.

The anticipation for a match between McCourt and Cyborg was palpable after both fighters secured impressive victories over Sara McMann and Cat Zingano at Bellator 300 last October. A face-off inside the cage only heightened expectations for a future clash.

However, with the recent acquisition of Bellator by the PFL and Cyborg eyeing a fight with Kayla Harrison (who's now in the UFC), the path seems uncertain. McCourt, despite her deserving credentials, remains in the dark regarding her contender status.

Expressing her frustration on The MMA Hour, McCourt stated, 

"I've felt since this acquisition has happened, I've just been dismissed publicly again and again as the No. 1 contender. I've fought everybody in Bellator, I've fought some of the best girls in the world."

The PFL's decision to shutter its women’s featherweight division potentially paves the way for Larissa Pacheco to join Bellator and become a contender for Cyborg. McCourt is eager for officials to confirm her standing above Pacheco in the pecking order.

Despite the uncertainty, McCourt remains dedicated to her training, preparing for the next opportunity that arises. She is also actively involved in supporting her teammate Ryan Curtis, who recently suffered a severe injury, by raising funds and spreading awareness.

In McCourt's words, "Before this happened, I'd been given kind of an idea and a rough kind of opponent, but I just needed to get back in to prepare for that because I know that's what Ryan would want."

Whether it's Cyborg or another opponent, McCourt is resolute in her readiness to step back into the cage and take care of business. The desire for a title shot burns strong, and McCourt is determined to let her skills speak for themselves.


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