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Liam Nolan's Transformation from Model to Muay Thai Champio

English Muay Thai fighter Liam Nolan has a surprising past that includes a successful modeling career that began at the age of 13. Nolan, who is set to return to the ring against Nauzet Trujillo at ONE Fight Night 19: Haggerty vs. Lobo on Prime Video on February 16, initially entered the world of modeling out of necessity to help support his family.

Liam Nolan

Growing up in north London with his single mother, money was often tight. Nolan's entry into modeling was not by choice, but rather a decision made by his family to help make ends meet. Despite his initial reluctance, Nolan recognized the importance of his contributions to the household.

Reflecting on his early days in the industry, Nolan stated,

"I never wanted to do it. I kind of got forced to do it. I didn’t actually enjoy it. It’s only now I talk about it, but my family had me do it because they knew someone in the industry and it helped massively with the bills."

Over the years, Nolan's perspective on modeling has evolved. Having modeled for half of his life, he now sees it as just another job. While it's not his primary focus, he's open to taking on modeling gigs if the right opportunity arises.

Nolan is also aware that his career as a professional fighter might make him a unique choice for certain brands. However, he remains unfazed, stating,

"Every company has its own look, doesn’t it? I could end up being the first Gucci model with cauliflower ears. Who knows? It’s the new look these days!"

Despite his success in both modeling and fighting, Nolan remains grounded, crediting his mother's strong work ethic for instilling in him the value of hard work and perseverance. He recalled a significant moment when he gave his mother a substantial modeling paycheck at the age of 16, which she later repaid with gratitude when her own business flourished.

While Nolan's modeling career may have started out quietly, it's clear that his talents have since garnered attention and respect, making him a formidable force both in front of the camera and in the ring.


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