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Lightning-Fast Victory: Craig Jones Submits UFC Middleweight Gerald Meerschaert in Under 2 Minutes

In the world of grappling, sometimes speed is of the essence, and no one demonstrated this better than multi-time grappling champion Craig Jones at Polaris 26. Headlining the event, Jones faced none other than UFC middleweight Gerald Meerschaert, and it was a match that left fans in awe.

Craig Jones, also known for his role as the grappling coach of UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski, wasted no time in asserting his dominance. From the very start, he pounced on Meerschaert's back as they hit the mat. With precision and control, Jones hunted for a rear-naked choke submission, ensuring that Meerschaert had no means of escape.

Gerald Meerschaert, a UFC middleweight with a record for the most submissions in his division, put up a valiant effort to fend off Jones. However, the Australian grappling sensation maintained relentless pressure, refusing to let go of his grip on the ground. It was only a matter of time before the unyielding pressure paid off, with Jones finally sliding his arm under Meerschaert's chin and locking in the submission.

In a matter of moments, the choke was secured, and Meerschaert had no choice but to tap out. The clock showed a mere 1 minute and 19 seconds into the match when the victory was declared for Craig Jones.

With a remarkable track record as one of the finest grapplers in the sport, Jones was understandably the heavy favorite going into this matchup. Having claimed numerous Polaris titles and secured second place at the prestigious ADCC Submission Fighting World Championships, Jones continues to prove that his skills are in a league of their own.


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