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Max Holloway Eyes Conor McGregor Rematch as 'Hugest Fight' Post-BMF Title Triumph

Max Holloway Eyes Conor McGregor rematch
Max Holloway and Conor McGregor

In the aftermath of his epic win at UFC 300, Max Holloway, now the BMF titleholder, is contemplating his next move within the UFC. One of the most significant options on his radar is a rematch against Conor McGregor, whom he labels as the 'hugest fight.'

Holloway's victory at UFC 300 against Justin Gaethje, where he claimed the BMF title with a sensational finish, has put him in a unique position to chart his course in the promotion. With possibilities ranging from reclaiming his featherweight crown to pursuing undisputed gold in the lightweight division, Holloway's focus is also on legacy-building fights.

Reflecting on potential matchups, Holloway emphasized the allure of a rematch with McGregor, highlighting its magnitude in terms of legacy and ideal scenarios.

"It would be hard not to say with him finally getting announced that he’s actually fighting, Conor [McGregor] 2,” Holloway expressed in an interview with KHON’s Rob DeMello. “That’s the hugest fight, I think."

The history between Holloway and McGregor dates back to their 2013 encounter in the featherweight division, where McGregor secured a unanimous decision victory. Now, with both fighters evolved and Holloway's impressive record, including his recent BMF title win, a rematch carries significant weight in the MMA landscape.

While Holloway contemplates his future and potential matchups, including a potential fight with Ilia Topuria, he also discusses the possibility of fighting in his home state of Hawaii. However, logistical challenges may lead to him considering Las Vegas as a more practical venue, given the infrastructure and support from the Hawaiian community.

"We got a bunch of other UFC fighters on the roster,” Holloway mentioned. “Brad [Tavares], Dan [Ige], maybe one of them can have a fight night here. Headline it, and I can here and just chillin’ and enjoy the show."

Holloway's journey post-UFC 300 showcases a fighter at the peak of his career, strategically navigating his options and eyeing legacy-defining matchups, with a potential McGregor rematch looming as the pinnacle of his ambitions.


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