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Max Holloway 'would love to fight Korean Zombie next

Max Holloway, former featherweight champion of the UFC, has set his sights on his next opponent, and it's none other than "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung. After his impressive victory over Arnold Allen at UFC Kansas, Holloway expressed his desire to take on the Korean fighter.

This past weekend night, Holloway competed, facing up against Arnold Allen in the Kansas City, Missouri, T-Mobile Centre. Allen put forth a solid performance, but Holloway ultimately outperformed him on the feet. By prevailing by unanimous decision, "Blessed" ended Arnold's 12-fight unbeaten run.

If Holloway stays at featherweight, there remain a few new challengers he can oust like he defeated Arnold, or there are also a few experienced fighters he has yet to face in the cage. Chang Sung Jung is a fellow veteran by that name. Some of the very few fighters at the highest level of the weight category that Holloway hasn't faced is "The Korean Zombie."

During the UFC Kansas City post-fight press conference, Holloway told Alex Behunin that:

“Korean Zombie, that’s the only guy of my time, with the older guys, that I didn’t get to fight,” Holloway told reporters at the UFC Kansas City post-fight press conference. “I would love that fight. There’s a fight in my agents’ country, Australia. Australia is supposed to be happening sometime, we don’t know when, and if Korean Zombie wants it he can get it. I would love to fight him. That’s one of the guys I grew up watching.

“I’m kind of tripping on how we didn’t fight yet. How did we not fight? If that’s one of the guys, that’s one of the guys. I would love to share the octagon with him. He’s one of the OGs that I didn’t get to fight, and we came up in the same era, and we didn’t fight each other.”

After Jung was unable to unseat Alex Volkanovski for the UFC Featherweight Championship in April 2022, MMA fans originally believed they had witnessed the conclusion of Jung's professional MMA tenure. Finally, "The Korean Zombie," said on social media that, despite his inability to set long-term objectives, he would still like to engage in combat in the octagon at least once more. His intention to take part in Seoul, South Korea, was also mentioned.

A fight between Holloway and The Korean Zombie would be a dream match-up for fans, as both fighters are known for their striking prowess and ability to put on exciting fights. Holloway's high-volume striking and relentless pace would be matched against The Korean Zombie's powerful punches and unorthodox style.

In the meantime, Holloway can bask in the glory of his impressive victory over Allen, which saw him showcase his trademark striking skills and dominant performance over three rounds. With his sights set on The Korean Zombie, Holloway will be looking to continue to build his winning streak and make a statement in the featherweight division.

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