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Meisha Tate - Fight Postponed Due To Covid

The biggest bad news of the year for Meisha Tate. Who had recently started her career again with a resounding victory. Tate proved that she could once again win the title of champion.

Meisha Tate's happiness waned when she had to wait until a later date for her showdown against Ketlen Vieira after a positive test of Covid 19. She was very optimistic about it. Sources close to the situation confirmed the news of MMA fighting on Wednesday after the initial report from

The UFC has not officially announced a card change or a new major event that will now fill the void left by the postponement of Tate vs. Vieira.

Tate was originally set to clash with Vieira at the main event in the UFC Fight Nightcard on October 16th. But now the match-up is expected to be postponed to a later date. No time period of the rescheduled match is expected, when and where this match will take place.

This is an unfortunate turn of events for Tate, who returned to mixed martial arts in July where she won the third round TKO victory over Marion Reno. This was Tate's first UFC appearance since retiring in 2016.

After this victory, Tate wasted no time in booking her next fight against Vieira, which had a five-round event schedule. Although all the signs are pointing to Tate's speedy recovery, she will still not be able to compete on October 16th after testing positive for Covid 19.

The question arises as to who will replace Mesha Tate? Will Tate be able to resume her career normally after a bout with Covid? Fight.TV wants to know what you think!


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