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Mentor Of The Week - Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great has gone down in history as not just the Mediterranean's greatest general tactician of all time, but also the ancient worlds. Undefeated in battle for his entire military career, by the age of 30 he had created the largest empire the world had seen thus far, and he had only been ruling for 10 years since he was 20.

Burn your ships! Is a tidbit of wisdom Alexander The Great has left us with. Along his extensive military campaign, his army landed on the shores of Persia. The Persians were probably the Greeks biggest threat and the worlds biggest army at the time. Upon landing on Persian shores, the military leader noticed his army gossiping. There were talks of retreat if they needed reinforcements and so on.

So what did Alexander The Great due to subdue cowardice and retreat in the face of a great enemy? He commanded the men burn their ships. There is no retreat, there is only conquer. There will be no path other than victory or death. Burning the ships was a huge morale boost for his army. At that point, they knew there was no going back without total victory.

Other famous tacticians in history used this method like Hernan Cortez to conquer Mexico. Burn your ships is a big theme in the world wide best selling book - Think And Grow Rich. The idea that we must shut down all negative thought. That we must only set our eyes on victory. Give no room for retreat or plan B or giving up. It's a huge concept.

There's a lot we can learn from Alexander The Great, todays military schools still teach his tactics. The world's best generals thousands of years later still aspire to be like him. He created the worlds largest empire at it's time. Be like Alexander The Great.


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