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Michael Chandler backs Conor McGregor as a coach on TUF 31

Conor McGregor, according to Michael Chandler, is being unfairly treated in TUF 31. The show's coaches are Chandler and McGregor, and Team Chandler has won all six of its fights thus far.

Additionally, McGregor isn't seen at weigh-ins and other contenders claim he isn't always present for training on the show.

Michael Chandler, however, claims it is untrue because Conor McGregor just missed weigh-ins.

“What Conor said on the show, they are filtering this thing about the weigh-ins. Yeah, he didn’t show up to the weigh-ins, that could send a message to your team that, hey I wasn’t there for the weigh-ins, I wasn’t there for this,” Michael Chandler said about Conor McGregor.
“But, ultimately, he was there in the training sessions, they are showing him a lot of him training with his guys. I think they definitely could be filtering it a little more. Obviously, I love my guys, I showed up, my attention to detail, my love that I had for each of these guys and their future.
It is reality TV, it can be cut any way they want,” Michael Chandler continued about McGregor. “I think Conor’s getting a little bit of a raw deal when it comes to how much he was there or wasn’t there (with his team). Showing up for the weigh-ins isn’t that big of a deal.

In the end, coaching doesn't matter all that much in TUF because neither coach has the ability to significantly alter the fighter in so little time. In light of this, Michael Chandler believes the veteran team would still be winning even if the coaches were switched.


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